Peppermint Poweplant (eng)

Surrounded by a forest, next to a small village, rest a nugget !

After almost one hour and half of ride, we finally arrived to this wonderfull place : an old paper factory with its powerplant. With some advice of a friend, we found the entrance quite easily as often, through a hole in the fence. After a few wanderings in the annex buildings and in the middle of brambles and nettles, we find the entrance to the power station.

In this rainy weather, the atmosphere is great, when we entered the building we had the impression of being in a cave, the drops falling everywhere inside the factory. In relatively good condition, there is little damage or tag.

In front of us an old coal power station, or maybe with other fuel? With a steam turbine in the adjoining room. There are all the classic parts, from ovens to filters and heat exchangers. In the basement are the ash collectors and the lubrication parts.

It is now time to gain height and we decide to climb to the top of the particle filter to have a good view of all the machines. The staircase despite some slight traces of rust is in good condition, thank you stainless steel!

We then started the search for an entrance to the factory and offices next to the powerplant. And it was not easy, most of the doors were closed and barricaded. But with perseverance we found a broken window and then an open window which allows us to enter the offices.

Inside, a lot of mess, as often. Papers, decorations for events, such as a wooden coffin, for Halloween surely, but also old typewriters, safes, tons of papers (logical for a paper factory). But also the old locker rooms, with boots and employee outfits.

Unfortunately we are running out of time and we had to leave, after 3 hours there, we had only seen 40% of the buildings, we will have to return there one day.

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