Helix Castle

In the middle of the mountains, an old detox center

After having taken some very winding mountain roads, we finally overlook this ancient castle. When we stop to take a few pictures in the distance, we come across a retired couple who were also taking pictures of the place and they tell us their story.

This castle was formerly a center of holiday of which the gentleman was the director and it is there he met his wife with whom he is still today. After the summer camp closed, the castle was transformed into a detoxification center, the remains of which can be seen today.

After having stepped over barbed wire, we arrive in front of the main entrance where we pushed the large door which opens slowly. In front of us are all the site radiators placed against the walls, as if work had been undertaken. In the main courtyard many remains are still present on the ground as well.

I enter the building in search of the famous stair which gives its nickname to the castle. I went through several rooms including the old sanitary with beautiful tiles. And here it is in front of me, this luxurious helix-shaped stair and its stone arches.

But this is not the only room of interest, there are also large kitchens, reception rooms and what appears to be a former classroom and sports hall in the castle.

After having visited the cellars, we head for the exit, leaving we note the old annex of the castle, burned down recently and an old abandoned construction truck.

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